~Unsalted Sailing Flotilla~
June 22-26, 2024

“Wherever The Wind Takes Us”

June 22-26, 2024

(Saturday through Wednesday)
Complimentary reception dinner on Friday, June 21

The Unsalted Sailing Flotilla is back!  

We’re excited to explore the islands, anchorages and harbor towns in our area with the safety and comradery of flotilla-style sailing. This year we’re taking more of a purist approach and ditching the itinerary in exchange for a more flexible schedule that allows for more sailing and less motoring. Pretty much what sailing is all about.  

Your flotilla leaders are Ken & Kimberli Bindschatel who have led the flotilla many times before and are well versed with “herding cats” and keeping everyone involved. Captain Kimberli will offer her expert guidance and provide plenty of learning opportunities.

Captain Paul Davis will be conducting an ASA 104 class along the way. Paul Davis is also an ASA instructor and has been on many of the Unsalted Sailing Flotilla events. Paul and his students will follow the fleet combining the learning and cruising experience. 


    Early boarding and provisioning followed by a reception dinner with cocktails and chart briefing. Our very own Captain Dirk will be playing live while you get a chance to meet the other flotilla sailors.
    Boat systems briefings to get you well familiarized with your boat. Then cast off. Let the adventure begin!
    All depends on Mother Nature. Suttons Bay, Northport, Charlevoix, Elk Rapids, Power Island, Ingalls Bay, Omema, and Old Mission are all very good possibilities during the event. Maybe even venture up to Petoskey area or Boyne City.

    Along the way we’ll take in the restaurants and wineries, beaches, quaint towns and incredible scenery. It’s a good balance of group activity and time set aside for just you and your crew.

    Most destinations will have both a marina option and an anchoring out option for the overnight but marinas can be full so anchoring might be the only option at times. Be sure to bring along your dinghy and propane grill for the real cruising experience.

Cruising flotilla-style is a great way to meet people and see the area. You’ll get the local knowledge while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow sailors. The fleet will stay in touch via group text and VHF radio and will be sharing photos and videos on a special Facebook page set up for the event. Each morning you can dinghy over to the host boat to discuss the next destination or meet in the marina clubhouse. Or sleep in and check in via text or radio! Sail during the day, maybe stop and explore some islands and beaches along the way and then check out the local restaurants or have a fleet cookout in the evening. 


Even cruising sailors can’t help but to trim the sails and go faster. At some point during the flotilla we will announce that the next destination will be a race! And the winning boat gets their name on the coveted “Twisted Sheet Regatta” trophy on display in the GLSC office. And of course bragging rights. Each boat will get a perf rating to make it fair and unfair antics that give an advantage are always encouraged.


Captain Paul will be along instructing an ASA 104 class.

This extended 5-day course covers cruise planning, mechanical and electrical systems, advanced anchoring techniques, more in-depth navigation, heavy weather tactics as well as the live aboard experience. Preparing you for that bareboat charter in the Caribbean or for further cruising on your own boat. Provisioning (food and beverage) is not included in the course cost but provisioning is split between students after a discussion on the topic with the instructor. 

7-Day ASA 101/103 “FLOTILLA STYLE”

Get your 101/103 ASA certification at a slower pace and soak up the festivities along the way.

You’ll start the course Thursday and Friday before the flotilla heads off the dock so you’ll have a good base to start with. The remaining 5 days you’ll sail with the crowd and participate in all the activities while finishing up the 101/103 course. Available only when you book one of our “Premium Courses”. Contact us for more details!