A Bucket List Item

Having Fun on “Osprey”
Memories Made on Grand Traverse Bay

Running a charter business and sailing school takes a lot of work.  And it gets extremely busy.  We have to make sure we remind ourselves what it is we are providing.  This season we’ve come to the realization (because people have told us and we finally have come to accept it) that we are a “bucket list item” for many people.

For some it’s learning how to sail.  For others it’s taking their first bareboat charter. And then there are those who are ready to purchase a boat and sail off into the sunset.

We enable people to checkoff that box on their bucket list.  And you know what?  We think that’s  pretty cool.  The fact that we can play that kind of role in another person’s life is very humbling and extremely satisfying.

So we thought it was very fitting when The BLT (Blog for Lifestyle & Travel) contacted us to let us know they’d just published a “Michigan Bucket List”, featuring “Spend a day sailing on Lake Michigan” at number 15, along with a mention of Great Lakes Sailing Co.

If you happen to be working on your own “List” that involves sailing…keep us in mind as you check off the items!

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