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The benefits of 3 cabins…

Most people associate 3 and 4 cabin boats as charter boats.  This is true in many cases but there are other advantages to owning a 3-4 cabin boat for your own cruising purposes.

For starters, lets clarify what 3 cabins boats are; 3 private staterooms (stateroom being a “bedroom” for the land dwellers).  Many people confuse 3 cabin boats with a boat that has 3 separated areas (two staterooms and a main saloon) but we’re talking mainly about having 3 or 4 separate staterooms for sleeping aside from the main salon.  The main salon may or may not have a table that converts to a bed but that’s an entirely different thing.  Hope that makes sense…

Most people cruise on 2 cabin boats as they like to have that extra cabin/stateroom for the occasional overnight guest.  But they soon realize that the “guest cabin” is chock-full of stuff they’ve been storing.  Then all that stuff comes out into the common areas when the guests are aboard (or get hauled off the boat) and eventually it all goes back into the guest cabin after their visitors leave.  What we’ve seen with folks who have 3 cabin boats is that they’ve turned one of the cabins into a storage room for extra sails, gear, etc.  Some cruisers flip the bed up and create a tool room.  The extra space can be invaluable.

Another good reason is for when the kids get older and need a little more space and privacy.  We’ve seen some families where the boat is the same set up as their house – the kids each have their own room, complete with posters on the wall and “Danger Do Not Enter” signs on the door.  Hey, whatever it takes to get the kids to sail with you, right?

Why play favorites when deciding who gets to sail with you on the extended trips?  There’s never enough time to take sailing trips so when you do, and when you actually want to have guests aboard, wouldn’t it be great if you could take several couples along?

And then there’s guys trips.  Definitely the worst for sharing beds.  Guys just don’t seem to do it.  I know guys who will sleep on the floor before they’ll share a bed with their bud.  Add another cabin and suddenly you can accommodate those guys who fear “bro time” will be a little too close.

In a charter fleet a 3 cabin boat generates more revenue that most 2 cabin boats.  From our experience with the GLSC fleet, 3 cabin boats are in high demand and we could sure use a few more to satisfy that demand.  And when you’re time is done in the charter fleet and you’d like to sail off into the sunset, you’ll have a boat that’s ready to do just that – and take along a few friends!

That’s why we’re offering BIG savings and BIG incentives on 3-4 cabin boats in the Great Lakes Sailing Co. charter fleet such as:

  • Pay no sales tax (that’s pretty big right there)
  • Guaranteed revenues or no expenses for 3-5 years
  • Ample time to use your boat for your own cruising

And don’t forget that compared to the salty charter fleets, we enjoy the benefit of freshwater and a short season which means your boat will look like new when you’re ready to sail it away.

Check out these 3-4 cabin boats and then contact us for details!


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