ASA 105


  • A comprehensive and in-depth study of navigation designed to fit most skill levels from beginners to experienced navigators looking for a refresher. In fact, more than a few “old salts” commented on how much they didn’t know after taking this course! You’ll receive the Coastal Navigation text book, CD guide, nautical chart, study aids, practice worksheets and customized study guidelines. Our 105 study guide is written by one of our veteran ASA instructors and is very, very helpful in learning the material and passing the course. You will also have an email and phone number to contact one of our instructors for support.
  • Students will become proficient in the use of navigational aids, chart reading, use of navigational tools, determining courses, taking bearings, plotting fixes, variation & deviation, dead reckoning, use of tide & current tables and more.
  • Cost is $199 and includes the materials mentioned above.
  • For ASA testing and certification – $250 for one student, $175 per student if two or more test.
  • Test Out for ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Certification (Homestudy) can be completed when combined with either ASA 106 date this season:
asa 106