Safe, Social Distancing

Top 5 Ways to Sail this Summer

We’re booking charters and we are looking forward to getting out on the water for some safe, social distancing ourselves.

Here are a few reasons why chartering is the ultimate safe, social distancing activity.

Additional Cleaning Time

We’re reserving more time between charters to allow for additional cleaning and sanitation.

Cleaning Standards

Each boat is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized per CDC recommendations.

Chartering = Small Groups

Just you and your crew exploring the best of Northern Michigan.

Smaller Sailing School Class Sizes

Classes limited to 2 students per class and incentives for private classes.


Arrange for all your food and beverages to be delivered to the boat when you arrive.


We have plenty of them. You could cruise for weeks and not go into a marina.

Self Sufficient

Every boat has the ability to charge its own batteries from the engine.  This ensures that you’ll have lights, refrigeration, water, hot showers and all the essentials for comfortable cruising without ever having to plug in at a marina. 

Online Chart Briefings

Spend some time before you arrive with a personalized on-line chart briefing.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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