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These days, if you search the internet you find many choices of where to get your sail training. Great Lakes Sailing Co. has been teaching sailing for over 20 years and we have total confidence that our sailing school is the best on the Great Lakes. Bold statement? The difference is in the details and below are just a few reasons why Great Lakes Sailing Co. is the best instruction for your money.

1)  You can charter from us after your course so we have to make sure we’ve taught you well!   Most other sailing schools will shake your hand and send you off only to forget what you just spent the last few days learning. We will be happy to send you off in one of our own boats.  And if you’re feeling rusty, when you come back to charter, you can book a “refresher course”.

2)  We have the most beautiful area in which to learn to sail. Our protected waters offer a fantastic learning platform in a stunning region with many activities to enjoy after the class. The Grand Traverse Bay area is outstanding offering beaches, a nature preserve island, harbor towns, wine tasting, festivals and more. It’s the best learning vacation on the Great Lakes!

3)  We are Michigan’s only full-time sailing school and yacht charter operation. For us, sailing is all we do and we do it well. In the winter we offer courses in the Caribbean and other warm water areas.  Many other schools consist of just a guy who is simply trying to pay off his boat by offering lessons.  With those schools you’re stuck with that one boat and a captain that may or may not have his heart into teaching.  Our Instructors love what they teach and live the sailing lifestyle.  We have over 20 sailboats from leading manufacturers and you’ll get to compare many side-by-side.

4)  We do not shorten class lengths to fit more classes into a season. Our class lengths are designed around the content to benefit you, not us. We will not compromise what you get out of a class by reducing your experience and time on the water. After getting certified, our students are much more confident and qualified than graduates who went through an abbreviated course with other schools. Simply put, you get what you pay for and our graduates are very satisfied and much more confident.

5)  Our school is ASA certified. This ensures that you receive a structured and proven curriculum and the benefit of knowing that ASA is recognized globally when it comes time to present your past experiences. The quality of our school has been recognized with two awards as a top 20 school in the nation and three instructors named to the top 30 in the country.

6)  If you plan on chartering anywhere,  Great Lakes Sailing is your best training.   Learning from “XYZ Sailing School” may be cheap and their instructor may be a competent captain but can he teach? And are charter companies familiar with XYZ’s school? Charter companies everywhere know ASA and most are familiar with Great Lakes Sailing Co. The durations of our courses, the excellent instruction and the optional learning cruises will make you very confident when taking that experience to charter elsewhere. In fact, if you need a refresher before you charter south, call us. We’ll help you shake the cobwebs out!

7)  Because you tell us! Over the years, literally hundreds of our students surveyed after taking a course have said that they had great experience and most have returned to take the next course!

Visit our Sailing School page to learn more and please contact us with any questions.

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