Family Day on West Bay

Western Michigan Lake Home & Boat Show
Gemini Catamaran Sailing in Chigaco

I’m not a picky sailor.  It could be my old 1987 Hunter 23 or a beautiful new Marlow Hunter or Jeanneau in the charter fleet…to me, it’s sailing.  To me, it doesn’t matter what boat it is.  As long as it floats and it sails…it pretty much beats most other things.


It’s a family day.  Especially a family day with 18-20 knots.

And on this particular family day there were:

  • Three 6 year olds
  • One 4 year old
  • One 3 month old
  • One grandma
  • Three dads
  • Three moms
  • One married couple with no kids…yet.

That’s a total of 14 humans.

So on family day, it was a no-brainer as to which boat to sail, the 35′ Gemini Legacy Catamaran.

14 human bodies along with coolers, bags, life jackets, towels, lunches and more all boarded the catamaran with more than enough room to maneuver, mingle or avoid.  Lest I remind you…there were FOUR very mobile and curious kids crawling about, yet none were stepped on, trampled or tossed overboard.

With 18-20 knots of wind, we double reefed and set sail for downtown Traverse City.

What a riot.

Humming along at 8 knots — A 3 month old taking a nap.  The other crazy kids just having a good old time.  Moms and dads relaxing, conversing and enjoying an ice cold adult beverage.  The married couple with no kids wondering if they really wanted to have any…while probably needing more adult beverages than the moms and dads.  And a grandma….taking it all in, snapping pictures and sitting on the cabin top.

Yes, we were undersail while all that was going on.

If the sailing was fun, imagine the scene after dropping anchor and then swimming and dinghy cruising (we hauled the dinghy on the davits) and eating lunch.

So yes.  It DOES matter what boat it is.

When you hear ‘flat, stable sailing’, that’s not just Gemini Catamaran marketing speak.  That’s what it’s really like sailing a Gemini.

Yes, we left and returned to a slip.  Yes, a catamaran that fits in a slip.

I can’t wait to go sailing on whatever boat we take out next.  It doesn’t matter what boat it is…we’re going sailing!  That’s all that matters.

Unless it’s family day.  Then it matters.

Have a look below…

Cruising at 8 knots. Double Reef. 18-20 knots of wind.

What it looks like from the anchor’s perspective.

From the stern.

Meanwhile, on the bow.

Grandma Sharon just relaxing.