A Big THANKS & GOOD LUCK to Sabrina

Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show
Balancing Escapsim & Reality

We’ve been very lucky to have one of the most friendly, caring and happy-go-lucky people that you could ever meet working with us these past few years.

Sabrina came to Great Lakes Sailing Co. in 2013 to work as a boat cleaner, after having gained the trust of Dave & Kristen as a babysitter.

She spent 3 summers working on the docks and on the boats, during her break from Ferris State University where she studied social work.

The past 2 summers Sabrina has been the voice and face of Great Lakes Sailing Co. while working as the office manager.  During this time she also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  Our boat owners, charter guests and sailing school students have all come to adore her as much as we have.  Sabrina has the kind of smile, personality and generosity the world needs more of…she just needs to get her spending on make-up products under control 🙂

She will be departing Great Lakes Sailing Co. this week to pursue her Master’s in Social Work at Ferris State University and start the next chapter in her life.  Although, as we’ve tried to convince her, she already has the perfect career for social work — the sailing business!  Social work can be defined as work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those in need of help.

Sailors = those in need of help!

As much as we will miss having her around the office, we are excited for what’s next in her journey.